Hi! I'm Katharine... an intuitive, adventurer, and multi-dimensional human being with a passion for helping others step into themselves more deeply. I believe that ALL people are unique and special and have a wealth of untapped potential waiting for them to access.

I have a question for you...

Is it Time to Begin a Journey?


Connect with your body and access new information that will inform your journey. I will guide you to explore your edges so that you can discover new territory.


Begin a journey of 1:1 coaching and catapult yourself into a new reality. Receive my intuitive guidance and be led into a new relationship with yourself. 


Settle your thoughts and gain awareness of the wisdom that lives within you. Learn skills and techniques to work with your mind so that it doesn't get the best of you. 

About Me

Among many things, I am a coach, certified yoga instructor, and experienced meditator.

I began my career as a CPA and auditor with a regional public accounting firm. Over the course of seven years, I developed and refined my technical abilities, project management skills, and aptitudes around the development of people. During this time, I served as an audit manager, as well as a mentor and career advisor.

In 2016, I decided to transition my career to coaching to better utilize my innate strengths and abilities. I completed my coach training through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I am also certified in The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP - a 360 assessment tool) and am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Additionally, I completed a 10-month leadership program through CTI and a 200-hour yoga teacher training through a local yoga studio in Colorado.

I currently reside just outside of Denver, Colorado. I love going on adventurers with my husband and our Doberman Pinscher. You will often find us traveling around Colorado in our popup camper. While I enjoy almost any kind of physical movement, these days I spend most of my time walking, hiking, gardening, and cooking.

If you have interest in connecting to learn more about me and the work I do, please complete the contact me form and we can setup a time to talk.


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What Others Say About Me...

"As a fifty-something who considers herself pretty successful in accomplishing career and financial goals, I didn’t think I needed coaching.  But I knew I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do in my “second act” and thought I’d give it a go. It’s been transforming. Think of Katharine as an insightful guide to your own innerscape.  She’ll ask questions you’d never ask yourself, shine a light on your personal blind spots and help you find what makes you thrive in your own life.  Highly recommended."



"Katharine’s coaching was a divine gift at the perfect time. Early in the year I set a goal to start taking classes to sit for CFP exam. After the first class, my enthusiasm evaporated and I was felt deflated, confused and overwhelmed. Working with Katharine, I was able to break down my “elephant” to bite size pieces and start chipping away at it. Having bi-weekly calls with Katharine helped me stay focused and on-track, while still attending to my work and family duties. She is a great listener who is able to zoom in on what’s important and not get wrapped in the story of it all. I found a lot of value in working with Katharine and highly recommend to give her a try."  


Financial Advisor

"If you’re considering working with a life coach, stop hesitating and call Katharine! I had no experience with this, but she came so highly recommended that I had to see for myself. You know that stuck feeling, when you don’t know what to do? Well, Katharine guided me so I am moving in my life again. She really listens, shares her insights and nudges you to discover what you didn’t know you knew... and then she holds you accountable! It’s like having a friend who has known you all your life that gently supports you as you confront life’s challenges." 


"With Katharine’s support, I’ve learned to trust myself and identify and let go of self-limiting patterns. It has truly been a gift working with Katharine to explore the core of myself and what lights my inner flame. Katharine’s passion, insight, and pure genuineness are unmistakable."



“Katharine takes the growth of her clients very seriously and really pushed me forward. I realized that I was struggling most with finding clarity in my life direction. I had done a ton of work on my personal goals in the past, but nothing I had done provided results as quickly as coaching with Katharine. After 3 months, I can say that I am clear on where I want to go and I fully understand what I need to do to get there."



“Working with Katharine was a game changer for me. She listened well, was easy to talk to and non-judgmental. I am now selective with who I say "yes" to and that's a HUGE thing for me. I'm on my way to achieving my goals, thanks to Katharine's coaching!”


Gal Turned Goal Chaser

"Katharine really listened to what I was saying and helped me gain clarification in my personal and career goals. In our coaching session, the primary thing that I learned is I need, and DESERVE, to find a way to balance my responsibilities and “me” time.  I strongly recommend her coaching services for anyone who needs help clarifying their path, whether it is personal or career-related!"



“Katharine is an attentive listener and a natural leader. These skills were remarkably evident as she helped me to determine what was important to me and my professional progression. Together we identified obstacles hindering my advancement, and worked to develop personalized solutions and action plans to overcome these challenges.”



“I can honestly say that I would not be where I am now in my journey as a professional and an individual if it were it not for Katharine in my life. She has proven herself to be a true confidante who is full of wisdom, insight, and passion. It was through Katharine that I learned the value of being myself and using my unique gifts and talents in order to best serve my organization, community, and causes that I am passionate about.”



"Katharine has a solid professional foundation, is a knowledgeable person who is always learning to improve her skill sets, and cares very much for the success of her clients. She has the experience to provide you with effective guidance."

Dwight Hulse


"Through working with Katharine, I was able to increase my self-confidence. This came as a direct result of her patience, care, and eagerness to help and support me. Katharine demonstrated a deep care for my growth and well being. This resulted in me being able to thrive and grow both professionally and personally."

John Michael

Associate Accountant

"Katharine’s experiences both personally and professionally have given her unique insight into the challenges of determining and getting in touch with your beliefs and values and becoming dedicated to implementing changes in your life to align yourself both personally and professionally with those core beliefs and values."



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