About Me

Hi, I'm Katharine! I believe that everyone deserves a career that is meaningful and fulfilling and that enables them to live into their greatest potential. As a Professional Career Coach, I help people clarify their interests, values, strengths, and skills in order to support them in discovering work that maximizes these and brings out the best in them.

After graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance, receiving a master's degree in accounting, getting my CPA license, and having a successful 7-year career in public accounting as an audit manager, I found myself unfulfilled and unhappy in my career. After a lot of self-examination and soul searching, I realized that the parts of my job I loved, and really excelled in, were coaching and mentoring people. It was from this place that I transitioned my career to coaching. This transition was born out of a desire to better utilize my unique strengths, life experiences, and skill set in order to help people create more meaning and fulfillment in their careers.

I'm currently trained on the Co-Active model of coaching through CTI.  Along with the Co-Active coaching tools, I bring over twenty years of combined professional and personal life experiences with me when working with clients.

When I'm not working, I love being outside walking or jogging with my Doberman Pinscher, Veda, and going on fun adventures with my husband, Dave. I am an avid non-fiction reader and love reading anything related to personal transformation, leadership development, psychology, management, success, motivation, and interpersonal relations. I also enjoy practicing yoga and have a regular meditation practice.