Being at Choice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about an exercise I did in my coach training.

After some coaching around a specific topic, I had to come up with a list of things that I would do to move myself forward in the direction I desired.

I had to come up with a list of YES's and NO's.

Things that I would be saying YES to, as well as things I would be saying NO to.

When I was ready, and fully committed to my list of YES’s and No’s, I was told to stand on one side of a line of tape that had been drawn across the carpet.

Then, I was to announce what I was saying NO to… to all of my peers (and the facilitators) in the room.

Once I was done announcing my NO’s, I was to proclaim what I was saying YES to, and walk (or run😉) across the line of tape to the other side where my peers were greeting me loudly with cheering and a warm embrace😊.

What has stayed with me since that moment was the recognition of choice.

I realized that each time I say YES to something, I’m simultaneously saying NO to something else.

For example... when I say yes to taking my dog for a walk, I’m saying no to sitting on the couch and scrolling through Facebook.

When I say YES to buying new clothes (yes… I really love clothes!), I’m saying NO to saving that money for something else.

When I say YES to hanging out with a friend, I’m saying NO to spending time with my husband.

You get the point… I’m always at choice… and saying YES to something usually involves saying NO to something else.

So, what will my choices be?

I get to decide (for the most part) how I choose to spend my time and money.

Am I making choices that move me in the direction I want to go, or am I saying YES and/or NO to things that no longer serve me?

How are my choices serving me?

Am I spending my time and energy in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling, and honoring what's most important to me? Or, am I doing things from a place of 'should' and obligation, and feeling lifeless and unenthused as a result?

Being at choice is liberating.

Even in moments that aren't easy or enjoyable!

How about you?

Are you making decisions intentionally from a place of choice? Or, are you reacting to what life gives you and complaining about the results?

How are your choices serving you?

As always, sending you love and support along this journey.

In Ultimate Support of You,


PS Another thing that has stuck with me over the years... I remember my dad telling me growing up that the reason a lot of people make poor (or apparently stupid) decisions is because they forget they are at choice. They feel like they've been backed into a corner without any options. He told me to always remember no matter how bad things seem, I always have a choice... even if it's not a desirable one. This has always stuck with me, and saved me more times than I can remember😉. Thanks Dad!



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