Changing up my Morning Routine

I’ve started a new morning routine.

My husband and I started going back to 6:30am yoga class at the climbing gym 2-3 mornings a week and on the alternate days I started my own yoga practice at home (with coffee and journaling first😉), followed by a short run with Veda.

It feels good.

The physical activity first thing in the morning really helps me to wake up and get focused. I’m not one to be able to just wake up and go… although sometimes this is required of me😬.

I’ve been enjoying the space to check in with myself, and get grounded before starting the day.

I seem to go in cycles with things.

I will be really consistent for a while with a morning routine, and then need a break from the structure for a bit.

This seems to be my process.

I need variety and change in my routine.

I don’t like doing the same thing all the time, whether it be exercise or a morning routine!

I like to mix it up.

I like to check in with myself to see what I need.

Sometimes, it is stretching and a run, and other times it is extra snuggles in bed with Veda😍.

It depends on how I’m feeling, and what I think would support me best given my current physical and psychological state.

I didn’t used to be this way.

I would force my body (and my mind) to do things when it was clear that it needed something different.

I would push myself for the sake of “getting things done", when in actuality what I really needed was a break.

I wasn’t able to connect with my body… or my psychological experience. And... I really didn't trust either of these things!

I was more comfortable operating on auto pilot than checking in with myself to see what I needed.

I was afraid.

I was afraid that if I honored my physical or emotional needs, I would end up laying on the couch all day eating potato chips and ice cream (or some alternate version of this😟).

I was afraid I wouldn’t get anything done.

And for someone who placed their value on getting things done, that thought was terrifying.

What has actually happened, was actually totally different than I expected.

As a result of checking in with myself and listening to my body and emotions, I actually feel like I have more self-control than less.

I feel more balanced and productive overall.

I don’t crash and burn like I used to.

It’s been an interesting process to witness.

Today, I’m thankful that I can create a morning routine from a place of listening to my body and what would feel good to me… instead of forcing it to do things that don’t.

I’m appreciative of the connection I’ve established with myself, and for the wisdom my body and emotions offer me on a regular basis.

I’m grateful for the ability to stop… and check in with myself, before catapulting myself forward into action.  

Yes… today I’m grateful for the presence that is accessible to me on a regular basis to tap into and use to guide my life.

How about you?

How is your morning routine serving you? If it’s not, how could you change it up so that it does... without judgment!?

In Ultimate Support of You!


PS On the topic of presence, this month’s podcast episode is with Kamrad Ahmed. Kamran is the king of positive thinking. Seriously, he reminds me of Deepok Choprah in this interview. Kamran has a way of combining a deep wisdom and a genuine compassion in a way that is disarming and incredibly grounding. Our interview left me feeling peaceful and inspired. Kamran currently resides in Redwood City, CA but has taken an interesting journey to get there. He was born in Saudi Arabia and then spent some time living in Pakistan and Dubai before landing in CA. Kamran’s background is in organizational development and he is currently pursuing his passion of developing leaders through coaching. Come join me to learn how Kamran uses presence to manifest his deepest desires. Click HERE to access our interview on iTunes.


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