Dancing in the Moment

You know those days when your best laid plans go out the window?

Yeah… today was one of those days.

These days, it seems like most days are that way.

At the end of each day, I usually create a rough plan (i.e. list) for the following day of the tasks that need to be completed and indicate in some way the order of priority.

By mid-morning the following day, it seems that either my list has grown twice as long or there have been a number of other high priority items added to my original list that are now demanding my attention.

Can you relate😉?

I’m constantly being challenged to re-focus and re-prioritize in the moment to figure out what’s most important to get done.

If I stick to my original plan, then I risk missing crucial things that often impact and change my original plan.

If I don’t have a focus and let the day unfold based on the influx of communication that comes my way (emails, phone calls, texts, etc.), then I risk not completing the things that are most important to get done.

It feels like dancing in the moment with what arises, not knowing exactly how the dance will unfold.

A flexibility and fluidity that allows bending and moving with and around what is happening, while at the same time a soft focus and intention that creates a sense of structure and groundedness within the free flow.

Yes… that is how it feels.

Not being too rigid that I miss the next move (or the next couple of moves), and not too flexible that I lose my footing and get caught up in the whirlwind of activity.

A dance.

With what is.

In the moment.

And… a connection to myself and my surroundings along with the way.

All the many different stimuli that come into my field of awareness in any given moment, AND I get to decide how to be (and dance💃) with them.

How about you?

What is your experience with dancing in the moment?

How do you stay grounded and connected to yourself and what’s important, while at the same time move with and around what’s happening around you?

How do you allow yourself to be shaped and transformed by the stimuli that comes your way?

As always, sending you support on this journey.

In Ultimate Support of You!



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