My Approach

My Approach


My Signature System

I designed the Empowerment System to take you from a place of lack of meaning and fulfillment in your life and your career to a place of meaning and fulfillment. This is the framework I use for my all of my coaching programs. Throughout this process, you will receive support from me in removing roadblocks and obstacles that come up along the way as well as accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Empowerment Assessment Model - Katharine Lavenhagen

Empowerment Assessment Model

I designed the Empowerment Assessment Model in order to help you gauge where you are in the coaching process at all times. These phases describe the characteristics of the various phases of the Empowerment Signature System above.

My Empowerment System is designed make you come alive. If you allow it to work the way it is designed, you're guaranteed to experience transformation in your life.