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Katharine Lavenhagen - Define Success On Your Own Terms

Welcome to Coaching With Katharine. My mission is to support you in connecting with who you are and what's important to you so that you can create and live your own version of success. These podcasts on defining success on your own terms are proudly hosted by Katharine Lavenhagen. New episodes released the first Friday of the month.

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Interview with Phil Gaimon

Doing More of What You Want

Fed up with his overweight lifestyle, Phil Gaimon traded video games for bike riding. He quickly discovered a new love and passion that would take him to Europe as he pursued a career as a professional road racing cyclist. Phil has leaned into his creativity and stubbornness to create and live a life where he does more of what he wants (riding a bike) and less of what he doesn’t want. Come join me to learn more about how Phil defines success and how he has created success on his own terms.

Interview with Duke Pinner

An experience like none other

When I walked in to Pinner’s Fine Shoes in Gainesville, FL, I couldn’t help but be blown away by the experience that had been created there. The care and attention brought to not only each item in the store, but to each person who walked in the door was palpable. It was this feeling that kept bringing me back for more! Come join me to learn more about what’s behind this felt sense and how Duke has created a shoe buying experience like none other! Note… because Duke is so passionate about what he does, we did this interview in the back room of his store… during normal business operations. Needless to say, expect some background noise during this interview as his employees are delivering exceptional service to customers!

Interview with James Davis

Courage and an Open Heart

I met James through the Coaches Training Institute when I was in Denver completing my on-site training. I was struck by James’s presence and authenticity. James lives with integrity by showing up true to himself in each moment. James is a father, husband, and founder of the Human Blueprint, a leadership development, executive-and team-coaching Company. James is creating success on his own terms by living in alignment with what’s most important to him. Come to join me to learn more about James and how he brings courage and an open heart to every area of his life.

Interview with David Hall

It’s all About Helping Others

David learned early on the value of helping others. He created his first business at the age of 8 and now owns 13 companies. David is an entrepreneur at heart and has learned to create value by meeting other people’s needs. Come to join me to learn more about how David’s upbringing, life experiences, support network, and strong faith have led him to the success he’s created in his life today.

Interview to Mike McKee

Walking through Open Doors

How does a person get to become the Vice President and CFO of one of the largest universities in the country? By walking through open doors. Mike McKee started his career as an auditor with the Auditor General and a series of life events led him through one door… and then another, until he entered the door of becoming Vice President and CFO of the University of Florida. Come join me and learn how Mike stepped one foot in front of the other through the next open door that presented itself.

Interview to MJER

Pursuing Your Passion

I met Michelle hiking on the Appalachian Trail during the summer of 2016. We had both quit our corporate jobs in the accounting/finance worlds to pursue our passions. Michelle and her husband Tony created MJER help to do just this! MJER help is a local and organic food service Company created to provide healthy meals to busy families and professionals. Come join me and learn more about how Michelle left her high-powered corporate finance career to start her own food service Business.

Interview to Kristen Shader

Following Your Soul’s Path

Have you ever felt a soul connection with someone? That is how I felt when I met Kristen when I was living in Gainesville, FL. Kristen and I would take long walks together and talk about the meaning of life and what really mattered to us. Needless to say, our friendship flourished and we stayed connected as she followed her soul’s path… literally around the world! Come join me to learn more about Kristen’s journey and what led her to quit her job, travel around the world for 9 months, and settle down in Denver Colorado!

Interview to Vickie Griffith

Enjoying the Journey to Success

Believing success to be a destination, Vickie worked hard to achieve what she thought success to be… a certain level of income, amount of property, and accumulation of wealth. When she arrived at this destination, she was surprised to find out that it wasn’t what she thought it would be. This discovery took Vickie down a new path of finding out what success meant to her and how to enjoy the journey along the way. Come join me to talk to Vickie and learn about how she defines success and how she’s created it on her own terms.

Interview to Janneke Van Veen

Honesty and Asking for help

How does an engineer become an empowerment coach? Through asking for help and following aliveness. Janneke van Veen started her career as a female engineer. She proceeded to work in design, manufacturing, and logistics in Europe and the US. Tired of trying to fit herself into a box that she didn’t fit into, Janneke embraced her uniqueness and embarked on a journey to create her own definition of success. Come join me to hear how Janneke has overcome one adversity after another to achieve success on her own terms.

Interview to Julieanne McGuinness

Bridging the Gap

Julieanne McGuinness has high standards. As Director of Operations for a real estate agency in Gainesville, FL, she has a clear vision of success and is unwilling to settle for anything less that she sees as being possible. While Julienne’s drive for excellence is unwavering, she has found a way to balance this with introspection, compassion, and love for herself and others. Come join me to learn how Julieanne has created success on her own terms through embracing her beliefs, and living in alignment with her values.

Interview to Emmanuelle Verhagen

Redefining Yourself Through Transition

Emmanuelle is a leader and a coach who is passionate about supporting people through transition. Her passion comes from her own transition as a transgender woman. Emmanuelle’s journey of transition resulted in more clarity around who she is (and who she is not). She has found a way to bring this clarity more fully to the world and help others to do the same. Come to join me to learn how Emmanuelle has redefined success through trusting, and embracing, her most authentic self.

Interview to Ingrid da Cunha Gomes

Redefining Beauty from the Inside Out

Meet Ingrid. Model turned life coach and humanitarian. Strikingly beautiful… both inside and out. Yes… this is Ingrid. Ingrid is on a journey to transform humanity. When she’s not coaching and living in Dubai, you can find her working on her bigger vision for humanity… an ecofriendly environment in Brazil for people to cohabitate and share resources. Ingrid has found a way to connect to her authentic voice and has literally transformed herself from the inside out. Come join me to learn how Ingrid has redefined beauty and how she is bringing this new found wisdom to others.

Interview to Kamran Ahmed

Think Deepak Chopra. Yes, this is who Kamran reminds me of in this interview. Kamran has a way of combining a deep wisdom and a genuine compassion in a way that is disarming and incredibly grounding. Our interview left me feeling peaceful and inspired. Kamran currently resides in Redwood City, CA but has taken an interesting journey to get there. He was born in Saudi Arabia and then spent some time living in Pakistan and Dubai before landing in CA. Kamran’s background is in organizational development and he is currently pursuing his passion of developing leaders through coaching. Come join me to learn how Kamran uses presence to manifest his deepest desires.

Manifesting with Presence