What If?

I want to play a game with you.

It’s a game I like to play with myself.

I call it, "What If...?"

And today, I’d like to play it with you😉.

It’s a game that helps me think outside of the box.

It’s a game that inspires creativity.

It’s a game that fosters imagination and play.

It’s a game I made up... just for you!

These are the rules of the game:

  1. No judgment*
  2. There is no right or wrong answer*
  3. Requires (some) imagination*
  4. Must be willing to try*
  5. May want to have a pen and paper near by to jot down some notes

*Warning – This game may go against what you've been taught or conditioned to believe about yourself. It may cause serious mental, emotional, and physical discomfort. Play at your own risk.

Please proceed if you are on board with the rules of the game and willing to play at your own risk😊.

Here goes...

What if you could?

What if it was easy?

What if it was possible?

What if the only barriers that existed were in your mind?

What if you knew… the answers that you seek?

What if you believed… in yourself, in life, in others?

What if you trusted?

What if getting what you wanted was only a decision away?

What if you could choose… your actions, your perspectives, your choices?

What would you create for yourself?

Would it be any different than what you are in the process of creating today?

If so, what if you tried?

What if you went for it?

What if you succeeded?

What would your life look like?

Keep going… it’s your turn now.

What if…

Yep… that’s the name of the game.

Give it a try!

In Ultimate Support of You!





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