I had a doctor's appointment this week for an annual exam.

It was with a new doctor who I hadn’t met before.

Before I met with the doctor, I went through all the standard medical information with a nurse.

She made notes in my file and indicated that she would relay the information to the doctor who would be seeing me and send her into my room.

A couple minutes later the doctor came in. 

She greeted me quickly and immediately sat down to login to the computer.

As soon as the screen booted up, she started reading through the notes in my file.

There was no eye contact or dialog (i.e. Hi, how are you?, Are you having any concerns I should know about?, What brings you in today?, etc.).

I felt like I was just another task to complete.

An item to check off a list.

The exam progressed quickly, and felt very matter of fact.

I could tell she was smart, educated, and knew her stuff.

She said all the "right" things and gave me the information that I requested.

She got the job done.

But… there was something missing from our interaction.

I left feeling disconnected. I didn’t feel seen and cared for as a human being.

The impact this had on me is that I likely won’t go back.

Because, I want more than the facts… I want to establish a relationship.

I want to have a doctor who I feel cares for my overall well-being and who I feel comfortable talking openly with about my questions and concerns.

Can you relate?

It reminded me of the importance of balancing relationship and task.

If the focus is entirely on the relationship, then nothing gets done.

If the focus is entirely on the task, then the person gets missed in the process.

How does one strike a balance between the two?

What are the benefits of fostering the relationship?

What are the benefits of focusing on the task?

It seems like they are both critical, and worthy of attention, in order to function in this world effectively.

Especially, in the service industry.

What do you think?

How do you balance relationship and task in your own life?

Do you find yourself leaning too far to one side, missing out on the benefits that come with having more balance?

As always, sending you support on this journey!

Here’s to balancing relationship and task so that we can be more effective in our communication and in our action!

In Ultimate Support of You!


PS While I don’t think I will go back to see this physician again, I do feel empathetic as I know first hand what is like to be a task driver! It was a good reminder for me to experience what it's like being on the receiving end😉. 

PSS If you celebrate Easter, happy Holiday to you!

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