I love clothes.

I have ever since I can remember.

When I was about 5 or 6, I remember standing at the top of the stairs trying on outfits for my brother.

I’ve always enjoyed the way clothes make me feel.

They spark joy in me!

Which brings me to what I want to share with you today...

Last week, I had a professional organizer come look at our master bedroom closet.

It’s an odd shaped space, and I wanted help figuring out how to best organize the space.

She came back with a design I really liked, and thought would work well for the items I had.

Before finalizing the design and moving forward with the purchase, I told her that I wanted to go through the shoes I had in order to determine how many shoe racks I would need.

I made a plan to go through all the clothes and shoes in my closet over the weekend.

[Note: this is the third time in the last 18 months that I've purged my clothes, shoes, and jewelry... moving 2 times definitely helps with this!]

It seems I have to let go (of clothes at least) in phases😊.

Friday, I met up with a friend and mentioned my plan to her. She suggested checking out Marie Kondo’s show called Tidying Up on Netflix.

I heard about Marie Kondo for the first time about two years ago, and picked up her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” about a month ago. But... her Netflix show intrigued me.

Mainly because I had just started the book and I didn’t want to have to rush through reading it over the weekend. Watching an episode of her show on Netflix was totally doable before tackling my closet items😉.

I watched an episode Saturday and was really inspired by her philosophy of choosing items to keep based on whether or not they “spark joy”. I also liked how she suggested to thank each item before discarding it. The ritual really appealed to me.

Up until Sunday, sparking joy had not been a criteria that I used when determining whether or not to keep things.

My determination of whether or not to keep items was made from a place of logic, functionality, and practicality… was it in good condition?, might I possibly wear it in the future?, how much money did I spend on it?, etc., etc..

It never crossed my mind to ask myself if the item sparked joy in me.

At first, identifying whether or not an item sparked joy was difficult.

I was having a hard time connecting with whether the item sparked joy or not.

But, as I went along I got the hang of it.

(Note: she recommends taking everything out and putting it in a pile and going through each item one by one. If the item does not spark joy, then you thank it and let it go.)

After going through everything (clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.) , what I was left with was astonishing.

I barely had anything left in my closet! (In my opinion at least 😉)

[Note: this is all my clothing items for ALL seasons, except my ski clothes! AND... I only have 10 pairs of shoes now as compared to the 20+ I did have. These are currently being stored in the garage.]

I realized that most of what I was holding onto was from a place of fear… and not of joy!

The whole process has been transformational, to say the least.

Not just in terms of my closet, but in how I look and feel about the items that I choose to keep.

It also opened up space and freedom for me to get some new items that spark joy😊!

I’ve felt so good about all of the items I’ve chosen to wear from my closet this week.

It’s made such a difference in how I feel about myself, and how I move through my day.

I feel so much lighter… like a huge weight has been lifted off me.

Now, it’s time to find a home for all these items. Wish me luck!

How about you?

How do you determine what material possessions to keep?

When do you know when it’s time to let go?

Here’s to letting go for the sake of creating space for more joy!

In Ultimate Support of You!


PS As you might guess, I realized that I no longer needed a closet organization system after cleaning out my closet! The money I saved on a closet organization system was well spent on some new items that spark joy in me. Lesson learned… let go to allow space for the new😉.

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