I deleted all my social media accounts Sunday night.

It was a decision I had been considering for awhile and I finally pulled the trigger.

It was time.

There are a number of reasons that led me to making this decision.

Ultimately, it felt like it was time to let go of these platforms to create 

And… so I jumped!

For what, well… I wasn't (and am not) entirely clear on that, but I’m starting to find out.

Just in this week alone it’s starting to become more clear to me.

Connecting with people more both in person and virtually, writing, reading, thinking, reflecting, attending in person events and gatherings, meditating, exercising, and doing numerous other things I enjoy (but often find I don’t have the energy or time for).

Not having the option to scroll through social media has opened up space (both literally and energetically speaking) to do some other things… and consider how I want to spend my time.

Yes… I’m becoming more and more aware that I want to spend my time in other ways.

Especially after disengaging this week! Surprisingly, I’m noticing that I don’t miss it at all... in fact, I’m noticing a significant feeling of relief.

It can be so easy to fall into habitual ways of being and doing, not likely or enjoying the end result… but continuing to engage anyway!

At least, this was what I was noticing with social media.

So I decided to change it up!

And… it’s opened up quite a bit of space for me this week.

I’m excited for what’s to come as a result of this change…

I have a sense that it’s going to feel really nourishing and fill me up in a much more meaningful and substantial way.

How about you?

What are you noticing about your habitual ways of being and doing?

Are there any habits that aren’t serving you?

What might open up for you if you changed a pattern of thought or behavior?

Here’s to letting go for the sake of more freedom!

In Ultimate Support of You,


PS There is a huge energetic piece here that I’m aware of now after clearing out most of my closet and deleting my social media accounts. It’s an element that I didn’t fully understand until experiencing it😉. 

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