My self-worth for a lot of my life was based on doing.

I felt a compulsion to be busy… to always be in action.

Even when my body was screaming to stop.

I found it really difficult to slow down…

And even more difficult to stop.

It was as if I was not as worthy or valuable if I wasn’t doing something.

My sense of identity was based on what I had done.

It wasn’t until I had run myself down enough to where I couldn’t “do” anymore, that I begin to question some of the long-held beliefs that kept me from resting…

Was it really true that I was less valuable if I wasn’t doing?

Does taking action really make me a better person?

Am I somehow more worthy if I’ve accomplished things?

As I sat with these questions and allowed myself to consider whether they were true for me, I realized that a lot of what was driving me to take action was unexamined and unquestioned beliefs.

Were my long held beliefs really serving me?

I realized they were not.

Despite knowing that they weren’t serving me, it was really difficult to let them go.

I wasn’t sure who I would be if I let them go.

But (because I was in a lot of pain)… I was willing to find out who I was without these beliefs.

What I discovered was that I’m worthy… and valuable… and enough… without doing anything at all.

What I discovered was a revelation.

It changed the whole way I moved through my life.

My action was no longer driven by a sense of need.

It started coming from a place of inspiration… a place of knowing … a place of intention… a place of peace deep within.

It started coming from a place of not needing to add or take away anything to make it better.

Action from this place fuels me… it makes me feel alive.

Action from this place is nourishing…. it feeds my soul.

Action from this place is connected to my being… it aligns with my deepest desires.

Action from this place is powerful, sustainable, and doesn’t feel like effort at all.

How about you?

Where is your action coming from?

Is it welling up from a place of resonance deep within or is it driven by fear… of not being enough, of not doing enough, of not being who, or what, you “should” be.

How is the action making you feel?

Do you feel energized by the action or is it draining you?

If you find the latter is true and you are tired of this way of living, I want to offer you to stop.

Can you give yourself permission to pause and rest until an inspired action arises? What might be available to you if you allow yourself to stop?

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you feel yourself wanting more support. I love supporting people in connecting to their being so that they can take action from an inspired place.

Simply click here and grab a spot on my calendar today.

In Ultimate Support of You!

P.S. In honor of Thanksgiving this week, I want to thank you for who you are. Thank you for what your being offers the world. I’m giving you permission to rest in this place of being deep within so that you can hear the inspired action that wants to come out of you and serve the world.






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