The Invisible Line

I’m in Sandy, UT (20 minutes south of Salt Lake City) this week for work.

I woke up Sunday morning with a bit of a sore throat and it slowly progressed over the week to a full blown head cold.

No… I haven’t felt great physically this week.

I think last night was the worst of it and I’m feeling much better today, thankfully.

It’s challenged me.

As a self-identified introvert and empath, I find it challenging to be around people constantly when I’m feeling good. And…being sick, makes this even more fun😉!

Let’s just say that I’ve had plenty of opportunity this week to look at some of the assumptions I hold about myself and others...

I have to be engaging and fun to be liked.

It is important for people to like me.

People will think I’m anti-social or weird if I take care of my own needs.

I need to fit in.

It’s not ok to be unlikeable.

Yes… I have a lot of beliefs and assumptions around being liked!

Up until this point, this has been really important to me.

It’s probably been more important to me at times than honoring myself and my own values and needs.

And… it still is at times.

I still notice how much I care about what other people think… especially, given my current state this week of being under the weather.

I still worry about not fitting in or being liked.

I still notice myself saying and doing things to make other people comfortable, even when it makes me uncomfortable!

Yes, I have some work to do.

The line between myself and others doesn’t appear to be black and white (or even straight for that matter!).

It feels like there is an invisible line that divides the boundary between myself and others.

The balance of taking care of myself and my own needs, and attending to the needs and wants of others, seems to be a tricky one for me to find.

And… as soon as I think I’ve got it, it changes on me again😊!

How about you? How do you balance taking care of your own needs with those of others? What beliefs and assumptions do you hold that keep you out of balance?

As always, sending you support and love on this journey!

In Ultimate Support of You!

PS Now that I’m starting to feel better, I feel more balanced in my thinking. I notice that when I’m not physically feeling well, it really impacts my view of myself and others (aka I'm overly sensitive and tend to take things personally😛). Another reason to try and take care of myself so that I can be more grounded and objective in my thinking!


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