Letting Go to Create Space

As you are already probably aware, there was a full moon this past week.

To be more accurate, a full wolf moon with a lunar eclipse.

Yes… the media was calling it a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

In a yoga class I attended on Sunday evening, the instructor was highlighting the significance of a full moon.

The teacher said that a full moon provides the opportunity to let go… to release.

When researching this a little more for this post, I found out that one complete cycle of the moon takes exactly 28 days to complete.

Additionally, a new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle and is a good time to set intentions for what you want to bring into your life.

At the full moon, the energy is powerful and intense. It is a good time to release something that no longer serves you, let go of something that you no longer need in your life; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect
of yourself that you have outgrown.

During class, she kept offering us to consider letting go of something that was no longer serving us.

I couldn’t think of anything.

When Monday came, it hit me… all this stuff I was ready to let go.

Yes… I found myself feeling suffocated by all the doing and busyness of my life.

I found myself longing for more space.

Which means, letting go… of some things that are no longer serving me and taking up space.

So, I took action and let some things go… both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Literally, I made a list of the things I felt ready to part with and am in the process of taking action to complete with these things.

Metaphorically speaking, I realized that it’s time to let go of a number of beliefs and assumptions that are causing me to feel constricted. The core of which goes something like this…

It’s not ok to take up space.

Yes… I realized that I’m actually creating the constriction that I feel at times by not giving myself permission to take up, or create, space.

What does this mean or look like exactly? Well, it looks something like this…

Failing to give myself permission to not respond to someone immediately, holding a standard of perfection for myself, not giving myself space in a conversation to pause and connect with myself and consider what I need, worrying so much about what other people think that I forget about (or ignore) myself and my own needs and desires in the process, not creating enough space in my calendar to breathe, not giving myself permission to slow down, not allowing myself to be a human being… only recognizing and praising the human doing part of me.

These are just a few things that I’m ready to let go of.

While I know it won’t be or look perfect (which honestly drives me nuts), I’m willing to play with this a bit and see what I can let go of… or what I can make space for in my life😉.

Here goes!

While my goal is to let go of a lot, I know that if I can just let go a little I will feel some relief.

I know this because I already do feel better and I just started this process on Monday!

How about you? What are you ready to let go of for the sake of creating space for something new?

Here’s to letting go for the sake of creating space for something… even if that something is nothing at all😊.

In Ultimate Support of You!


PS One of the things I decided to let go of (for now) is my podcast. While this deserves an entire post in itself to summarize the learnings and insights I had from this experience, I did want to at least let you know in case you are someone who listens to it and looks forward to new episodes. If something changes, and I decide to pick it back up in the future, you will be the first to know!

PSS I’ve been surprised by the support I’ve received as I’ve reached out to people to let them know that I need to let go of something (which may be you😉!). I realized through this process that I hold another assumption or belief that people will be disappointed in me if I (change my mind, can’t follow through with something, am no longer interested, etc.). While this is by no means an excuse to flake out, I am realizing that my assumption
may not be entirely true. Another awareness/learning for me😉.

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