Playing with a Stake

As many of you know, I completed a 10-month leadership program this past June through the Coaches Training Institute.

It was impactful in a lot of ways, many of which I’m just beginning to realize.

One of the tools that we learned that I find myself using often is something called a Stake.

A stake, or a leadership stake in this case, provides something to orient around. It can help identify when I’ve gotten off track. It helps drives action.

Let me give you an example to help illustrate what I’m talking about here.

I had an important meeting this week. In addition to the talking points I prepared for the conversation, I also considered how I wanted to show up in the meeting. 

What kind of energy was important to create? What quality or qualities did I want to make a point to connect with throughout the discussion?

These questions helped me formulate a stake. My stake ended up being something like this…

Being connected to myself allows me to be of greater service to others.

It was important that I stay connected to myself and the boundaries I was planning to convey in this meeting. It was important for me to stay grounded. It was important to me to be clear and focused… for the sake of greater service.

Yes, it was important to me to be connected to myself… so that I could connect in a meaningful and authentic way.

Throughout the conversation, I kept coming back to this stake. It helped anchor, and guide me during the discussion.

I walked away from the conversation feeling good about how I showed up, and how I was received. 

And… I feel like the stake I created had something to do with it😉.

Just this week alone, I’ve used this tool a number of times.

Before heading into an important conversation, before showing up at a meeting, before starting my day.

It provides something to anchor myself to when I find “life” taking over, and gives me the opportunity to be more intentional about what I’m creating.

I think it works in a subconscious way as well.

I often find that I’ll create a stake for my day in the morning and at the end of the day realize that my actions and perspective were influenced throughout the day by the energy of my stake without me even being that aware or intentional about it.

It’s kind of like setting an intention and then forgetting about it and realizing later that the intention came true!

How about you? How could it serve you to create a leadership stake for yourself?

Do you see this tool being useful or valuable in your day to day interactions?

Here’s to playing with this tool (if it resonates) and noticing the difference that it makes!

As always, sending you support on this journey.

In Ultimate Support of You!


PS One of the qualities that I’m trying to be more intentional about connecting with is playfulness. I find myself so serious a lot of the time, and want to add more play into my life for the sake of lightness and expansion. So, a lot of my stakes this week had something to do with playfulness and what it could open up for me (i.e. playfulness creates ease and possibility, play invites fun and joy, being playful helps me not take myself and life so seriously… you get the point!).  So, here’s to playing with this for the sake of greater impact 😉.  

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