What’s the Bigger Why?

What is causing you to read this post?

Even bigger… what drives you to do anything you do?

What is the bigger why behind what you do?

This seems to be the bigger question I’m always asking myself.

Yes... I find myself asking this same question, why do I do what I do?

What’s the energy that’s driving my actions and behaviors? AND (to take it even further)... is it the action or behavior that I'm wanting (or think is best given the situation)?

Let’s start with this email.

Why do I take time each week to write to you?

It started because I believed that I had something to offer. That my voice was important. That I had something to share.

While this is still true… it has expanded and shifted over time. 

In addition to sharing my experience, strength, and hope with you (in addition to my challenges, frustrations, and struggles), it has also become a way to reflect and process what is happening in my life… and be witnessed in this unfolding by you!

Yes, it has become a way for me to capture the learnings, insights, and awarenesses that occur in my life… and make these things more real by sharing them with you.

It is cathartic and healing for me… and something I’ve come to look forward to, and enjoy, each week … even when I am really busy!

Which has me thinking that it must be something that aligns deeply with me. Otherwise, I don’t think I would be able to stay motivated and make the commitment to write to you each week.

Yes… I think that there is a resonance we experience with the things that are meaningful and fulfilling to us.

I don’t think they feel like “work” in the context that most people think of that word.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t hard or challenging parts to it.

It’s just that the action comes from a different place.

The action doesn’t come from a place of “shoulds” or underlying fears.

The action comes from a place of resonance and deep alignment (with values, purpose, etc.).

Can you feel the difference?

I sure can!

How about you?

What is driving you to do what you do?

Is your action coming from a place of “shoulds” and/or underlying fears, or is it coming from a place of deep resonance and alignment?

There’s a difference.

And… if you haven’t noticed it yet, it’s significant!

Here’s to taking action that is in alignment with our deeper truth.

As always, in Ultimate Support of You!


PS My experience has been that as I can notice the subtle (or not so subtle) energies that are driving my actions and behaviors, I can move towards being more at choice in how I respond to them. How about you? What do you notice as you become more aware? 

PSS On an unrelated note (or maybe related depending on how you look at it😉), my leg is feeling the best it’s felt in two weeks! I’m thankful that the recovery is going somewhat quickly and that it’s not a more serious injury than I originally thought. 

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