Expanding My Range

By katharinel | Feb 28, 2019 |
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Dancing in the Moment

By katharinel | Feb 21, 2019 |

You know those days when your best laid plans go out the window? Yeah… today was one of those days. These days, it seems like most days are that way. At the end of each day, I usually create a rough plan (i.e. list) for the following day of the tasks that need to be…

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The True Love

By katharinel | Feb 14, 2019 |

There is a faith in loving fiercelythe one who is rightfully yours,especially if you havewaited years and especiallyif part of you never believedyou could deserve thisloved and beckoning handheld out to you this way.I am thinking of faith nowand the testaments of lonelinessand what we feel we areworthy of in this world.Years ago in the…

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The Snow Falls

By katharinel | Feb 7, 2019 |

I just wrote a blog post that I’m less than thrilled about. It doesn’t feel real enough for me. It will get the job done but isn’t lighting me up. So, I’m left here thinking out loud about what it is I want to share with you. What feels important for me to say this…

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Playing with a Stake

By katharinel | Jan 31, 2019 |

As many of you know, I completed a 10-month leadership program this past June through the Coaches Training Institute. It was impactful in a lot of ways, many of which I’m just beginning to realize. One of the tools that we learned that I find myself using often is something called a Stake. A stake,…

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Letting Go to Create Space

By katharinel | Jan 23, 2019 |

As you are already probably aware, there was a full moon this past week. To be more accurate, a full wolf moon with a lunar eclipse. Yes… the media was calling it a Super Blood Wolf Moon. In a yoga class I attended on Sunday evening, the instructor was highlighting the significance of a full moon. The…

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What’s the Bigger Why?

By katharinel | Jan 17, 2019 |

What is causing you to read this post? Even bigger… what drives you to do anything you do? What is the bigger why behind what you do? This seems to be the bigger question I’m always asking myself. Yes… I find myself asking this same question, why do I do what I do? What’s the…

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Highs and Lows from Patagonia

By katharinel | Jan 11, 2019 |

I’m back home after spending two weeks in Patagonia over Christmas and New Year’s. We had an amazing time. I’m hoping to be able to share some of the highlights with you in this post, and will likely be sharing more with you over the upcoming weeks. There’s still a lot to take in and…

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Reflections from the Year

By katharinel | Dec 20, 2018 |

This will likely be my last post in 2018. I’m getting ready to leave the country for two weeks and I’m planning to disconnect from cell and internet while I’m away. I’m going on a 5 day backpacking trip in Patagonia and spending some time exploring the surrounding areas while I’m in South America. It feels…

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The Invisible Line

By katharinel | Dec 13, 2018 |
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